Batting Practice

In a world where literally anyone can build a website and create a podcast, one man will boldly attempt to make you care about baseball cards from the 1980’s and 90’s…

Sports card collecting is experiencing a boom in this weird COVID world. Not since I was a kid collecting in the late 80’s and early 90’s have so many people been so interested in scouring retailers for the latest and most premium packs. With both physical and digital cards available in every flavor of athletic sport and pop-culture interest, this historically niche hobby has again captivated the imagination of mainstream culture.

But those aren’t the cards I’m here to talk about.

I’m here for guys like Danny Tartabull, Steve Trout, and Dickie Thon.

I’m here for wood grain and fun facts.

I’m here for Rated Rookies™ and Diamond Kings™.

I’m here for reversed negatives and F*CK FACE.

I’m here for cards that smell like stale sugar and are stained by 30 year old wax seals.

You know, the good stuff.

My name is Josh Evans and I hope you will join me as I wander through random card packs from what is commonly referred to as “the junk wax era” of baseball card collecting.

Each Monday at 1200CT, you will help me choose 3 packs to open from a selection of years and brands of cards via a Twitter poll over at @beyondBOTC. The poll will be open until 900CT on Monday night and once the poll closes, you can join me live over at my YouTube channel where I will open the winning packs. Those in chat will choose the “Junk Wax Hero of the Week” and that player and card will be spotlighted in a Friday feature here at BOTC. Not only that, one member of the chat will win all the cards opened during the session! You will also be able to see high-quality photos of the most unique cards pulled from the packs along with other pieces of memorabilia over at our Instagram page.

In the future, you can also expect plenty of information about the forthcoming companion podcast “Beyond the Back of the Cards”, which will feature even more information and interviews with and about the players and cards that we all loved collecting (COMING SPRING 2021).

Be sure to subscribe and follow us here at, over at our YouTube channel, on Twitter, and on Instagram. Also, you can drop me a line at with any feedback or suggestions and make sure to leave a comment on any post or video.

Be sure to check back tomorrow, Monday, March 8th for the reveal of the inaugural “Junk Wax Hero of the Week.”

Thanks for reading!


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